Thursday, 2 March 2017

Take the #stillgood decluttering challenge!

When was the last time you had a good rummage around your food and drink supplies to see what needs using up and what needs to go? This month I am setting you the challenge of having a good clear out and working out what is #stillgood! Hopefully the challenge will save you some money, stop food being wasted and relieve all that poor food that has been stuck in the same position for so long :)

Some things will last years past their best before date, but if you have stuff languishing in the back of a cupboard that you are never going to eat or drink, you could free up some space and give it away. Otherwise make a plan to use them up! If something is past its use by date, doesn't smell or look good, or if you see any mould, don't take any risks - compost it or if you can't do that, bin it.

Starting on Monday 6th March, the areas to be tackled are:

Week 1: drinks - both dried and in liquid form e.g. tea, coffee, alcohol, juice and so on.

Week 2: tins, jars and dried goods e.g. flour, rice, pasta, herbs, spices.

Week 3: Freezer foods and/or the condiments in your fridge

Week 4: The food you keep outside your kitchen - e.g. in your office drawer, in your car, your secret stash of munchies :)

Join in with the challenge with others in the Reduce your food waste Facebook group or on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #stillgood. Each week post a picture of the things you find that are past their best before date but still good to eat or drink.

Thanks to Anna from Rosie's Ecoblog for suggesting the hashtag #stillgood!

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