Monday, 23 January 2017

10 alternative uses for old toiletry, shaver and makeup bags

Even if you have never bought a make up or toiletry bag in your life, it is difficult to avoid them because so many people give bags filled with toiletries as gifts. I have a drawer full of toiletry bags, many of which have sat there for years doing nothing because they were too big or too small, or just not as attractive as some of the other ones. 

You don't need to leave them in your cupboard feeling sad and lonely though because they can actually be really useful in loads of ways.

  1. As an organiser. Some toiletry bags have different compartments and these ones make great organisers especially if they have clear 'windows' - I used the one pictured above to organise ribbons. Other sewing or craft supplies would work well in here too. You could also store puzzles in it!
  2. In a handbag or backpack. Instead of having small things floating around in the bottom of your bag pop them in a makeup bag or old shaver bag and keep them together. It also makes it easier to transfer from one handbag to another.
  3.  Some plastic lined toiletry bags could be useful as lunch bags or snack containers
  4. Give it to a small child, boy or girl - they love little bags and boxes as they are perfect for keeping their small toys and treasures in.
  5. As a pencil case. Even the large ones could work well if you have a lot of stationery to put in them!
  6. Bike maintenance kit - add in a puncture repair / spanner / torch.
  7. As a jewellery bag. A pretty patterned makeup bag could work well for this or even an oddly shaped shaver bag!
  8. Fill it with plasters and make it into a first aid kit!
  9. Flannel bag - use for kids instead of wetwipes/ bag for wet clothes (kids potty training)
  10. To store hair bands and clips.
If you still have more bags than you know what to do with and you want to declutter, then give them to charity, sell them on ebay or give them to friends, maybe even as an alternative to gift wrap!

Coming soon: Look out for my blog post being published next Monday on 3 alternatives to scoops and ladles!

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  1. Love these ideas! Using smaller bags to organise your handbags is so helpful!

    1. Definitely - makes it easier to find stuff!

  2. I've got a few that came with magazines, etc. When the kids were babies I used them as nappy organisers in my rucksack and I use the little satin "evening bags" to discreetly transport my sanitary items around. I keep emery boards and nail cutters in a little zip case from sunglasses (sunglasses are long-gone though!).

    1. I didn't think about sunglasses cases - good point and clever idea!

  3. Love these ideas, I've accumulated loads of the years and really need to do something with them. I now have inspiration, thank you x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    1. Great! Let me know if you find some more alternative uses for them!