Thursday, 21 February 2013

Why visit a hypnotherapist and a review of Possibilities Unlimited

On the evening of Valentines Day, I went out on a date with my husband.  Although not your traditional run of the mill date.  More one where he sat in one room reading and I sat in another being hypnotised!  We did go out for a cup of tea afterwards though where we nearly fell asleep and then went home!

I found Brighton based Kim Leader of Possibilities Unlimited through a google search.  He caught my eye because of how he asked to be paid.  Most hypnotherapists in the area are fairly expensive, but Kim wants hypnotherapy to be accessible to all and provides three payment options - payment by donation, payment by set fee or payment by trade!  He has a very interesting page explaining why he offers these payment options which is well worth a look at.

So why visit a hypnotherapist?  I think that hypnotherapy is a great way for individuals to take control over the changes they want to make in their habits and beliefs.  I don't think it is the only way for change to occur  or that it is always successful but it may be just the thing needed help to speed up the process or help to overcome blocks.  I don't know the exact mechanisms via which hypnotherapy works, however I can see that the following happens:

  1. A change is desired by the person seeking hypnotherapy
  2. The hypnotherapist makes sure the the person seeking change is in a relaxed and receptive state and them provides them with some new messages to replace old unwanted/ unhelpful ones.
  3. Once the person seeking change really believes those new messages, the change will occur.

I have used hypnotherapy CD's  in the past, but have never visited a hypnotherapist in person before.  I wanted to visit a hypnotherapist to help me with some specific things I would like to change and I wondered if visiting someone would be more effective than listening to a CD. For information I feel the CD's have been effective to a certain extent, not resulting in dramatic immediate changes, but in subtle ones over time after repeated and ongoing listening. 

The experience I had visiting Kim Leader was fairly intense.  I spent a good portion of the session discussing what I wanted to change and why.  He was very good at questioning me to get to the crux of certain issues.  It felt a little like a counselling session to start off with, which was quite therapeutic in itself.  Then he hypnotised me.  I felt that I was fully aware of everything he was saying, but in a relaxed state a bit like being distracted by a day dream.  I felt that I could easily have got up and walked out of the room at any time if I had wanted to. Everything that Kim said was relevant to the discussion we had had and I could immediately see the benefits of seeing a hypnotherapist over listening to a CD.  I was quite impressed with how he just managed to know exactly what to say during the hypnosis which occurred straight after our discussion.

A few days after the hypnotherapy session I have noticed that I have been doing things a little differently but I'm not sure how embedded those changes are.  I am going to try having several hypnotherapy sessions to see if that will make the changes permanent - I know with my CD's nothing happened overnight.

Would you or have you visited a hypnotherapist? If yes - is it something you would recommend?  I would love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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Disclaimer - I chose to pay a set fee for the hypnotherapy session and also to write an article about it.  Everything written in this article is my own opinion and is for entertainment purposes only.

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