Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mooncups or tampons?

Mooncup Menstrual Cup

Mooncup have released a new video campaign, which is absolutely brilliant and well worth a watch for entertainment value alone!  It can be accessed via their website by clicking on the picture above.

It features the 'Mooncup crew' and the 'Tampon crew' having a go at each other and is very well put.  Menstrual cups make so much more sense than tampons or sanitary towels, but not everyone has caught up with this yet.

Fear of change/ the unknown/ the idea of actually seeing all that blood can put people off. There are loads of great reasons to invest in a menstrual cup though and I have been using one for around a year now.

I think it absolutely brilliant.  I find it really comfortable, I don't have to change it too often, can go overnight in it and love the fact that one Mooncup has lasted me a year and is still going strong.  During that time I could have thrown countless tampons/ sanitary towels in the bin needlessly.  Plus I am now saving myself money each month by not needing to go out and buy sanitary products!

During my time using the Mooncup there has been one hiccup.  I use a coil for contraception and the Mooncup did actually manage to pull it out not that long ago!  I went to have another coil fitted and told them what had happened.  They cut the coil string fairly short (not too short as that can get uncomfortable), but short enough so that it shouldn't get caught up with the Mooncup again.  Hopefully that will have solved that problem!

What do you think about the Mooncup - is it just for hippies, or is it the sanitary product of the future?

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