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Friday, 4 January 2013

Replacing new years resolutions with reflections!

Happy belated new year everyone!  I hope 2012 was a good year for you all and that 2013 is filled with wonderful times!

At this time of year I usually write some new years resolutions which tend to repeat themselves every year.   They are things like lose weight, write a best seller and become more tidy and organised.  The problem I have with new years resolutions is that every year, they make me feel bad about the things I haven't achieved.   So I think that actually I would rather reflect this year on what I have enjoyed and achieved during the previous year.  Happily since I have been blogging all year, all I have to do is look back through the blog to see what I can feel good about from last year!

The highlights of my 2012 included:

1. Out of the office!
  • Quittting my job - I'm so happy I did it.  Now I can focus on being the me I really want to be!
2. Changes to my health and beauty regime!
  • Attempting to give up shampoo - my family may not agree that this is a highlight, but I went without shampoo, conditioner and shower gel for 6 months!  I think that is quite an achievement.  Unfortunately I was plagued by greasy hair and dandruff the whole way through it and I finally caved and used normal shampoo and conditioner the other day. The greasy hair and dandruff was gone with one wash and I was so happy to see the back of it!  I'm not fully giving up though and will continue to experiment with more natural ways of cleaning my hair this year.
  • I did successfully give up lipsalve and am really pleased that I overcame that wasteful addiction!
  • I also swapped shower gel for home grown aloe vera and that is working out well.
  • I ditched the sanitary towels in favour of a menstrual cup and although it took me a little time to get used to it, I love it - so much less waste and I barely notice it's there!
  • I have been giving myself a massage whenever I can for a while and continued that throughout 2012.
3. Baking, making and cleaning in the kitchen:
4. Outside and in the garden!
5. Changing the future of gift giving!

6.  Learning how to get the most out of my unwanted stuff!
It's been a busy year, I've changed the way I live my life in small ways and large ways and I will continue to try and be as eco-friendly and thrifty as I can through 2013!

What do you think - new years resolutions or new years reflections?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and your highlights from 2012!

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